Fête & Fleur was launched by Liz Moore and Jami Gates to provide exceptional floral design and personalized event planning services in the Tuscaloosa area.  With degrees in Advertising and Public Relations (Jami) and Restaurant and Hospitality Management (Liz) the duo are talented planners who have coordinated weddings, parties, and events for over 900 people.  Their combined skills provide each bride or party host with the confidence that his or her event will be handled with care for every detail.  One of their favorite aspects of the job is getting to know their clients and being trusted to take their events to the next level.  It is especially an honor for them to be invited into one of a client's biggest life moments through wedding design.  What does our name mean?  Fête means "a festive celebration" and fleur is the French word for flower.  Our logo includes a drawing of a honey bee.  This is a symbol of our work ethic - we are worker bees for our clients - and, like the honey bee, we love all flowers!